International call center Profcallcenter is a multifunctional omni-cannel outsourcing contact center that serves various business segments. Cooperation with Profcallcenter allows our partners to plan their expenses on the organization of the service functions, to absolve themselves of non-core load, thereby to concentrate on running their businesses.

Profcallcenter’s locates its main sites in Ukraine, offices - in Ukraine. Main sites of Profcallcenter are located in Ukraine, serving servers - in Germany, Canada, and Ukraine. The geographical distribution of equipment and operators placement, allows Profcallcenter to ensure uninterrupted customer service, regardless of the quality of service of certain service providers.

Profcallcenter is the founder of the International Alliance of Outsourcing Contact Centers


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Profcallcenter’s customers are corporate and small organizations, national and international companies. We take on any service institution, regardless of the volume of its business. Our Partners, who are in TOP-3 of the relevant market segment, entrust us their clients. We are working to expand our international presence, to strengthen the position in the national markets.

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Call center’s schedule: any time of day, weekends, holidays. Profcallcenter operators treat all client’s requests without exception, including the needs of «difficult» ones, understanding the national identity of any business in its region. The first positive replies about the call center are reviewed in that case, when callers do not have to wait for a long connection with the operator, or listening to the same kind of annoying ringtone. Profcallcenter uses multi-lines and, in that case when the load is increasing load, ready to offer partners additional lines rapidly, by using a greater number of simultaneously working operators.
Profcallcenter uses a secure, high-tech equipment, which is located in Europe and North America. For the convenience of our customers in countries, where we are using the line outputs to national providers, including GSM-providers - it reduces the cost of calls and allows us to set up a toll-free for a customer call (0-800, 8-800, etc.).
The broad geography of service provision requires knowledge of the specifics of a given region, the area, the state of the continent. Our operators are trained, armed with specific methodological guidelines, apply special internal rules.

Modern technical possibilities

Modern technical

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In addition to traditional modern communication technologies for storing and processing information, Profcallcenter widely uses cloud technologies. This allows to significantly increase the channel capacity and to provide services to customers in the form of services that can be obtained without additional investments in a new infrastructure. Thus, excluded are the costs of recruitment and training of additional staff, the purchase of expensive licensed software, and most importantly - there is no need for capital investment.
Competence of Profcallcenter is confirmed by a daily trust of our partners, and thoughtful and careful business expansion at the new markets and segments, says about our company's stability and correctness of the chosen course. Customers appreciate our flexibility and accountability, the ability to keep a trade secret, excellent quality of service and guaranteed results. International experience, social and managerial expertise, highly innovative solutions made Profcallcenter an expert in its field. We are trusted to answer the most complex and specific questions. Plus, our contact center is famous for finding ways of new tasks solving for existing customers.
Profcallcenter is a socially-oriented company. We are giving work not only to professionals but also are offering the opportunity to build an effective career to promising young professionals. Profcallcenter is the initiator of numerous local social initiatives.

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in medicine

Operators at Profcallcenter have profile education, relevant work experience, speak foreign languages.
In addition to the requirements of professional education and relevant work experience, that Profcallcenter requests from its operators, we are using the internal monitoring of the customer service quality on a permanent basis. Our employees use specially adapted instruction and conversation scenarios for each project. Operators are required to attend basic training and to pass qualifying exams to get a work admission. To solve non-standard situations, that arise in the work, Profcallcenter’s supervisors maintain a constant on-line communication with the senior officials of the customers.
An important feature of Profcallcenter: our experts are ready to serve any client who speaks Slavic languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian), English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, and other local languages, where the business of our customers is placed.
We do our job with a smile and without a hint of fatigue. Thousands of calls on a daily basis, thus, the customer will always hear in the handset: «Hello!», «Thank you for your call!», «Good night!» It is the attention that is so often lacking from the loved ones, and often can not be obtained elsewhere.

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Call center’s action

Call center’s action

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Profits growth

You are interested in one or more of our services, or You want to order the contact center «turnkey» - call, write, become our partner!

To become a partner of Profcallcenter and to start cooperation with us is very simple:
Step 1. Send us your personal data (fill in the information form, that you can find on a «Cost Calculator» page) or write us an e-mail.
Step 2. In response to the letter with a request, we prepare targeted offer - by the required specificity, and are sending it to you.
Step 3. After acceptance of the offer, we are preparing the contract and carrying out the connection to the service.
Step 4. Operators take calls in a consistent format.
Step 5. You get the positive effects of interaction with Profcallcenter - increase your profits!

Geography of business

geography of business

• Ukraine • CIS •
• Europe • America • Asia • Australia •

Geography of Profcallcenter’s business has no borders and distances - we serve customers in 11 countries - participants of CIS, 50 countries in Europe, 23 countries in North America, and 14 countries in South America, 48 Asian countries, and Australia.

We are using modern telephony technologies, which allow arranging new sites, wherever the Internet connection is present. Subscribers can call us from any phones.

Cost of services

The cost of a call center depends on several parameters.
Please use our on-line calculator to get an approximate quotation from Profcallcenter.

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