You need to create an in-house call center - your own corporate call center, which operates as a division of the company.
How to begin? Whom should I entrust?

Turnkey call center

The creation and implementation of a turnkey call center are the services of the outsourcing company Profcallcenter.
We have got the positive experience in launching successful projects in almost any scale and type of business.

All the stages of creating a call-center "turnkey" are fixed during the preparation of the technical assignment when
arrow we are choosing the equipment and software that will meet the needs of your business best
arrow we are choosing telephone lines (stationary, mobile, 0-800 or 8-800, IP-telephony)
arrow developing a scheme how to connect telephone lines
arrow calculating the required number of operators
arrow we develop scenarios (scrips) for operators
arrow we develop a system of training, attestation, control, as well as motivation of personnel
arrow we develop a scheme for integrating the call center services with your accounting system (CRM)

When the terms of reference are ready, a calendar plan for launching the call center and its deduction to the designed capacity is compiled.

In the process of all interaction, the employees of Profcallcenter provide comprehensive technical and consulting support.

Technical capabilities of the In-house call center, created "turnkey":
arrow serving incoming lines
arrow making outbound calls
arrow flexible call routing
arrow voice menu (IVR-menu)
arrow unlimited number of operator workplaces
arrow integration with the CRM of your organization
arrow recording of telephone conversations
arrow reporting on calls
arrow callback function

Within the service:
arrow certification and training of operators of the customer
arrow training seminars conduction
arrow sales techniques training to a group of operators

The price for a call center "turnkey" depends entirely on the functionality of the project.

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