Profcallcenter provides a range of call center services and organizes and setts up their own call centers to its partners.

базовые услуги

inbound calls inbound calls

Profcallcenter uses incoming lines for hotlines, technical support, informational support, order entry service, medical advice arrangement.
Our software allows connecting an unlimited number of channels.

outbound calls outbound calls

Profcallcenter’s outgoing lines serve direct sales and telesales (telemarketing), sociological and marketing surveys, including satisfaction surveys, collecting any other marketing information. Outgoing calls are considered to be the best feedback tool. Existing contracts with a significant number of telephony service providers by corporate rates, allows Profcallcenter to optimize the cost of outgoing calls.

unlimited calls unlimited calls

Profcallcenter is proud to serve an unlimited number of calls. This option we have due to our high-tech equipment, unique software and a sufficient number of operators, that we can quickly increase.

flexible working schedule flexible working schedule

Profcallcenter synchronizes operator’s schedule with the business activities timetable of our partners. We provide reception and processing of calls at any time of the day, night, weekends, holidays.

conversations recording conversations recording

Profcallcenter’s software provides the audio recording of conversations that operators make with subscribers. Access to records is also available on-line.

reporting on calls reporting on calls

Profcallcenter’s partners can request statistics and reports for any period. It is possible to change the reporting formats to collect accurate information and data.

step by step scenarios step by step scenarios

Profcallcenter developed and supports partners with step by step scripts - guides for operators to help them lead logically connected and coherent conversations with customers. The use of incremental scenarios increases the effectiveness of communication with clients, thereby achieving the desired results. Profcallcenter operators use step by step scripts by more than 2/3 of projects.

GSM gateways for rent GSM-gateways for rent

GSM-gateways, connected to the call center equipment, allow our partners to communicate with cell-phones cheaply and efficiently. Profcallcenter’s equipment converts call from mobile communication standard into IP-telephony. GSM equipment is integrated into a virtual PBX and call center according to the needs of our partners.

training configuring telephony customer training and telephony installation at the customer

Often, at the project preparation stage, there’s a need to divide calls to several streams, that:
- are accepted by the call center;
- are forwarded to a selected specialists of our customers. Profcallcenter provides partners with SIP-numbers, which reduce or eliminate the cost of internetwork switching.

integration by API integration by API

The integration by API allows to associate call center CRM with databases of our customers, as well as to implement such functions as «Call me back» and «Automatic Call».
API - is an application programming interface (a set of different functions, constants, classes, query formats that we use in many other tasks).

connecting lines connecting lines

Profcallcenter provides recruitment services and facilities to connect telephone lines in PBX and also carries out customization of the software, including CRM-systems. Often, we offer our partners our transit lines with an unlimited number of communication channels. Also, we are helping to develop a routing scheme.

IVR recording configuring IVR recording and configuring

IVR - a system of interactive voice menu, which is based on pre-recorded messages and allows the subscriber to select the direction of the call (by pressing the extension number of the employee or department), or to listen for the fully automatically reproducible information. This system may consist of one or more levels, the degree of attached submenu may be different.
Due to the presence of IVR, Profcallcenter adjusts the primary routing calls to appropriate staff of our customers, or to a pool of operators of the contact center.

dedicated telephony server dedicated telephony server

Dedicated telephony server is responsible for handling calls, using individually customized software, which goes under full control of the customer.
Profcallcenter uses high-performance dedicated telephony servers, tuned accordingly to the specificities and needs of all our customers.

call back Call-Back

Profcallcenter provides customers with the ability to connect the operator to the subscriber with the Call Back (callback) function so that the phone call becomes inbound for both parties. As a result, the client does not spend his money on the call and does not wait for a connection on the line, and the customer can avoid additional bills from communication service providers.

How much the cost of the call center services?
The price for the call center services
is formed under the options you have chosen and is most often calculated for each project individually.

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