Need to increase sales? Do You aim to increase the average check? We will help you!

Up-Sell (Up-Sale) is a sales technique used by Profcallcenter call-center managers.


How does it work?
Your client is already "ripe" for the purchase of an individual service or product. At this stage of sales, our sales-manager applies the Up-Sell technique: the customer is offered an enhanced service or a more functional product, or several units of the same product, respectively, at a higher cost.

Only an experienced and confident seller can catch the wishes and preferences of the buyer, use the product matrix promptly, persuade the customer to make a more expensive purchase.

Examples of applying the Up-Sell technique.

arrow Work with a bank customer. The client is interested in a middle-class credit card. As a result of communication with the Profcallcenter operator, the client draws up a more expensive elite card, which provides extended services and additional opportunities.

arrow Retail client. The buyer needs an economy segment cell-phone. The specialist of our call center has reasonably inclined the client to buy a more expensive device with additional functions.

In order to increase sales of our customers, in addition to the Up-sell technique, our managers use cross-selling technologies.

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